Karen Nyamu is the kind of lady who will confuse her enemies with different messages.

You will just not know where she is at and how things are for her when it comes to her love life.

Taking to her Instagram she shared a message through an image she shared that read,

"Normalize leaving after the first red flag, I won't do it but you guys should."

In the background of the post by Karen Nyamu was a song by Justin Bieber's 'Nothing Like Us that says,

"Tell me was it worth it? We were so perfect. But baby I just want you to see. There's nothing like us, there's nothing like you and me. Together through the storm."

Of course, we all know about her on and off again relationship with Samidoh, the father of her second child.

Karen claims she is a few months pregnant with his child and that she was physically abused a few weeks ago. All this has not been confirmed as Samidoh has not come out to clarify either of the claims.

Well, is this post about her situation with Samidoh? We will just have to wait and see where the two stand with their relationship.