Ronald Ndubi, whose stage name is Victor Hausa from Maria, revealed a lot of information to Bridget Shighadi who gave us a deep dive into his personal life.

Other than his screen brother, Luwi he is also the eye candy ladies enjoyed watching but sister gather around, manz' taken. He is dating his fellow actor on the show Maria, Maggie whose real name is Dorea.

"Yes, I’m dating Dorea and it's serious. She is my girlfriend and the wedding gown should be on the way…Harusi itakuja soon coz it’s in the plans.


We were friends’ first. I used to like how aggressive she is, with branding and stuff so I asked her out for lunch. Then we went for a date and one date led to another date and we started hanging out together and we became best friends. We started working on several projects together off the screen for brands and friends we went to where we are now."

Adding that he will officially move in with her when things are in place as they want to do it right.

“We haven’t fully moved in together but we are always together most times. We are working on something before we move in. We also want to move in together when everything is in place, we don’t want just come and stay, we gonna go official and do it right way.” Victor told Bridget.

From the pictures of the two, they make such a beautiful couple.