Over the weekend, the trending couple, Juliani and Lillian Nganga -who is Machakos Senator, Alfred Mutua's ex, in case you just landed in Kenya- made an official statement that they are together.

"In this photo are two fully conscious adults who have chosen to be together. Any other narrative is false, outdated and ill intentioned. Let's respect people's choices. Love and let love." Both of them made it clear

This was after Juliani received threats because he is in love to a point manz had to go report this to the police station where he was accompanied by Boniface Mwangi.

On The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas shared their thoughts when it comes to the official statement the couple made.

For Jalas, all he is asking is that each of them open up the comment section so that we -social media in-laws- can congratulate them and share our sentiments.

"I love it. I love that they are standing for each other because out here, tunarukwa kipetero kiyesu. So big up to them for doing the most." Kamene said

Jalang'o read the statement then said,

"Hapo nayo wameenda sana. Wangewachana na mambo ya initials. Because if it is anything to do with initials, the Governor (Alfred Mutua) is the one who started this. You can't take what we used to do and try to thrive with it elsewhere. Leave everything. You can't come up with initials now. There is nothing like J and L. We do not want. 

Also, all I need is for them to open up the comment section we want to open out hearts. Juliani and Lillian, my very good friend, open the comment section we want to tell you how we feel."