Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro

On her ‘babe’ segment, Kamene was taking no prisoners this morning as she called on her fellow babes to stop getting comfortable doing nothing.

In fact she labeled it as ‘doing a lot of nothing’


“You (age group of 20-23) cannot be a generation of women doing nothing. I met a couple of chics over the weekend doing nothing, extremely entitled.” She said.


She added,


I see others who say ‘I am an influencer’ cool, what else are you doing other than be a social media influencer? It cannot be the only thing you are doing.


Kamene says when she lost her job and she was at her mother’s house she chose not to be comfortable and went out and hustled for gigs.


Have something that you are doing, something that will motivate you to wake up. Have something that you can call your own and something that will sustain your life.


Check out the video below;