Cyd and CHito
Cyd and CHito

'Baridi' by Nviiri and Sana has to be the most played song in the 254 for the past few months. The weather kinda liked it and sang along.

However, Kiss FM drive presenters, Chito and Cyd think the artists failed to give us a practical song since they didn't capture the cold they were actually singing about.

"This song could have been done in a different way, it could have been done with effects. Yeah baridi ni mbaya but where is the evidence?" Chito said.

Supporting her colleague's sentiments, Cyd said;

You see the thing is when you sing about something, it has to come out, you have to mean it and feel it.

Angered by Nviiri and Sana, the two decided to take matters into their own vocals and did a remix of the jam and I swear it is the most hilarious thing you'll watch today!

Check it out!