Jalas solo studio
Jalas solo studio

The other day, deputy president, William Ruto revealed that he runs a poultry business which makes him Sh1.5Million a day.


This got many people thinking of running a similar business ndio waomoke, while some shared their stories and how they made losses from the same business.


Jalas opened up on how he and his friends unsuccessful ran a poultry farming business and they ended up eating their chicken.


He says given the fact that they didn’t have enough information about the business, he was unlucky because they had some con men in their circle, who would embezzle chicken feed money. That is how his chicken rearing dreams came to an end.


This triggered many listeners into sharing how they were unsuccessful in their business ventures.


From selling second hand business, liquor stores to food businesses only for them to fail, one thing that can be said is Kenyans are resilient and they do actually try to make ends meet.