Elodie Zone is trying to get back into the YouTube space but she is afraid because these streets can be very toxic.

Do you remember when KOT made this babe trend for days after she did a video and pronounced 'Weuh' in a foreign way we are not used to? That experience and so many others give her PTSD.

"So guys I'm kinda excited but I'm also a little bit nervous about this video. I mean the last time we did this it did not end well." Elodie said on her YouTube Channel

Elodie asked her fans to send the assumption questions they had about her and she was walking on eggshells while answering them this time.

She even admitted to watching her choice of words when it comes to answering some questions.

"Heh, the way I'm really watching my words right now. Kenya scares me because of KOT...scare me oh, well that's the only thing that would make me live in like a little house in the middle of nowhere." She added

In this social media street anything can happen but we have to agree we did love us some Elodie content.