If you have been following Eric Omondi you know by now he has already endorsed Jimi Wanjigi for presidency come 2022.


He has since started the #FagiaWote dance challenge in support of his campaign slogan.


This prompted a discussion on how these politicians have now started working with the youth trying to fit in after neglecting them for 5 years. Jalas says within no time most of them will join TikTok in search for votes.


“Jimi Wanjigi has started the Jimi Wanjigi dance challenge and it is gonna get crazy hapa mbele and they are going to join TikTok my friend. This election period is when all leaders become humble and come back home,” he said.


He highlighted how some of them have started going to the CBD to get their shoes cleaned while some have started eating from vibandas acting like they are part of the wananchi.


Jalas says he is working well with his Lang’ata constituents and he won’t need fake shows because he has been visiting such places every time.


When Jalas challenged Kamene to take part in the #FagiaChallenge she was not buying any of it.

“Nijikute! I am a tax payer and a voter they should be dancing for me I ain’t dancing for nobody.” She said.

The big question is; 

As a Kenyan voter, what will you be looking for in the presidential candidates this time round?