Stories of Kenyans being drugged or popularly referred to as 'kuwekewa mchele' in clubs have been on the rise with new cases almost every weekend.

Over the weekend there is a clip that has been doing rounds on the interwebs, showing a woman drugging a man she was with in a club.

These women normally drug you by spiking your drinks and steal from you once the drug kicks in.

While some cases have been fatal, others have lived to share their harrowing stories in the hands of thieves parading themselves as revelers, ready to pounce on unsuspecting Kenyans.

Jalas asked Kiss FM listeners to share their 'mchele' stories and bro! Some are harrowing to say the least.

Caller 1: Kuna beste yangu alienda club Kenyatta road akapatana na some pretty chic. I don't know alimuekea nini but this guy was smart. Unajua alienda kwa nyumba akiwa amewekewa mchele but this guy alirusha kifunguo kwa mtungi ya maji. Dame alikuwa ame pack kila kitu lakini hakuna kitu aliiba

Vivian said; I have had 2 incidences the first time I was in Campo and Ile time HELB imepeanwa and I was loaded. So I went to a club and I bragged and little did I know I didn't carry my drink to the dance floor. My friends wakanipora and Mark you I had my dad's car. The following day nilitafutwa Hadi city mortuary 'cause I went missing for 6 days. Niliamka RFH Ruai after 6 days.

Caller 3:  I was outside the country and Dubai pia Kuna mchele. Niliwekewa and fortunately I was with people that I knew and they took good care of me.

Caller 4: Niliwekwa mwea tebere. Niliwekewa lakini Kuna beste alini alert akanishow nisikunywe hiyo drink. Halafu Kuna mtu na kiherehere akakunywa same drink and akaporwa.

Godwin from Bungoma narrated: I have experienced such. Nilikuwa na Rafiki yangu tukaenda naye club, kidogo ivo mrembo akamuekea mchele na huyo mtu alikuwa ameuza ng'ombe yake nyumbani na pesa yake ikaenda yote sasa alidhani ni sisi.