When they say get on your knees and ask God for something, believe them because they have testimonies.

Victor, Maria actor who by the way just spilled the tea that he is soon getting married to his fellow actor on Maria, Maggie. You can read the story below:

Speaking to  Bridget Shighadi on her YouTube channel, he narrated that he had toiled for 11 years as a commercial model but always believed his strength was in acting.


“I’m a prayer warrior and I believe in God. In 2019, it got so tough and I went back to visits my parents and they were like it’s been 11 years maybe we just take you to London where your sisters are, but I told them I believe I am an actor.

I chose to fast for 21 days 6am to 6pm not the 24 hours one… and after 21 days…One week later Damaris aka Loreta (Zora) send me the Maria Audition but I did not go. That week I had gone to so many auditions but when I looked at the Location I said I’m not going.

After like three weeks, they were re-casting again for Victor and Luwi. They were asking guys to send pictures and must be good actors. We were then shortlisted 5 guys and we ended up being picked  Luwi and me. That is entirely God. When you put God first and do your part nothing is impossible” Victor opened up

Adding that,

“It’s the dream I have been having for 11 years and I could not just give up...Maria just came up at the right time.

I have been in the industry since 2008. And for the 11 years it was struggling, there people who say we got lucky but they don’t know what we have been doing behind the scenes

I have been auditioning since 2008 and when you see people blowing up, they have a back story. Always give your best and make sure you go for auditions if wanna be an actor."

Maria was the show that made him blow up in his career and in as much as it is over, we hope to see him soon.