Bien Aime was a guest on the Over 25 channel where they were talking about the reality of expectations versus reality when it comes to marriage.

We all know Mr. Bien, chairman of the Bald Men association is a very vocal man. He says it as he sees it.

On that episode, he said he can give Chiki Kuruka, his wife a pass to go do her thing with who she wants and come back. In fact, he said, 'jibamabe babe'.

Kamene and Jalas on The Morning Kiss had this discussion and Jalas was mad. 

"I have never met a man who is not confident about himself like Bien. Bien of all the people could say that? Yani one day the babe he is married to would one day look and find someone else better than him? NO!" He said

Kamene tried to make him understand by saying,


"Not better than him, get it right. So he is saying for exa-mole if Chiki's crush is someone like Idris Elba and maybe 20-30 years from now he drops by in the 254 and she sees him all excited."

Jalas was still not understanding how this can happen. He even asked so at this point, what has happened to Bien who is Chiki's crush and love of her life?

"I think this is the epitome of confidence. That he knows my wife loves me, she might like this one so have fun and come back home baby." Kamene said

To which Jalas disowned the comments Bien made.

"As a member of bald association we are not part of his message as our chairman, it is all about him.

I have been with Bien and I have seen how women fall for this guy drop dead. And Chiki here very beautiful woman and then he comes out and says the babe will find someone else and he told her jibamabe?"

This topic was really exciting Kamene she pointed out that now that the shoe is on the other foot, it is a problem.

"It is 2021, and you men have been living with the mantra of sharing is caring. Mnapepeta wanawake Monday to Friday and then go back to the wife. This guy has said I love my wife but jibamabe babe. You people are just not ready for the shoe is in the other foot."

Jalas who is married made it clear that once you say your vows, it is till death do y'all part.

"There is nothing sharing and caring or meeting your crush years later. We after here forever till death do us part. Bien, I want to categorically warn you from uttering such nonsense and desist from hanging out with women there. Just say they were confused. My woman is my woman."