Makena Njeri worked at BBC for a pretty long time, three years to be exact and then one day she woke up and announced her exit.

With the success in her career, it was not making sense to her friends and family. Especially because the mentality is that when you have a job, you're safe.

But Makena had other plans including giving full attention to Bold Network Africa, a movement for advocacy and rights for LGBT.

Speaking in an interview with Bikozulu, Makena opened up and said,

"People thought I was crazy. Many asked 'How do you leave the BBC?'. It was scary for me but my family, friends and colleagues were like you cannot leave the BBC. Just take a sabbatical leave and do something. There were different reactions but for me, it was bigger than that."

Through her movement, she is now fighting to get rid of a Kenyan law that prohibits the LGBTQ+ community from enjoying certain rights that human beings enjoy. She is fighting for democracy. Watch her cry below: