courtesy CBC

Competency based curriculum popularly known as CBC has been the trending topic for the past few days now.

Parents have taken to social media to lament of the challenges they have been facing since its introduction into the country. Parents complain that they are being given too much work on behalf of their children.

Discussing the issue on the morning Kiss,  Jalas said;

"CBC is what has been happening in developing countries where kids get hands on and creative. 8-4-4 is all about cramming and mtoto hajui ku fix bulb ama kushona torn clothes.."

It used to be there kitambo but some idiot said do away with home science and art and craft." 

Jalas says he once found his son in the garden saying they were told to record themselves in the shamba weeding and ploughing.

Walimu pia wameanza kuja na ukora mwingi they take a plain paper and draw money on one side then they give your child to bring the paper home to match the money with the photo. Sahizo anahitaji 5k. Nitakupiga na hiyo CBC yako mwalimu." Added Jalas.


Parents have been complaining that teachers expect them to fight the traffic on Kenyan roads, get home at 8pm and started working on a home made scare crow.

Check out some of the reactions from KOT;