Vera Sidika's pregnancy is really making her open up about a lot on social media, with no filter.

This time she did a long Instagram story post claiming that her manz, Brown Mauzo's baby mama does not give her peace in private but acts differently on social media.

"You can't abuse a man's wife and think it's cool coz y'all have a baby together...then online they'll say I have no problem with Vera. She seems nice...yet won't give me peace.

as if I'm the one who got her pregnant until my husband shuts her off and puts her in her place." She shared

The mother to be then added a very heavy accusation claiming that Mauzo's baby mama mistreats the child and she hopes everything will be revealed to the world one day.

"The mistreatment you do to that child may God forgive you. One day the truth, everything will come out and the world will see you for who you truly are.

She is stuck on frustrating hubby, She has made it her career...if it doesn't work keep it moving like I always say and do I always move on and end up happier in your next relationship."

Brown Mauzo's baby mama is not as vocal as Vera on social media but we hope to hear her side of the story based on the accusations made above.