Back when Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz were dating, there were reports she was being physically abused.

Pictures of her face looking all bruised circulated on social media and that passed as 'proof'. But it was never confirmed and he has never spoken about it.

During one of the episodes on her channel, she confessed that she likes it when she is beaten. That part of the video is trending on social media and has left many in shock.

"I remember when I fell in love with a certain man, he told me he would never beat up a woman. Then he beat me up,I enjoyed it. Being beaten by your baby has its own joy, especially when he starts pacifying you, But not being beaten like a thief, just a little. And should do just once, not daily."

Of course many would not agree with her on this one, including the lady who was her guest, Amber Lulu. But she still says, we all can't be the same.

"We can't all be the same, there are those that don't like it but for me, it's very healthy," Wema said