No doubt if the song, 'Serereka' is played any where, you will just want to get down and dance to that tune.

The Kansol featured Vivian in the song and it is a major hit even a year later. In as much as she has been in the game for a while, this song was a huge boost to her career.

Now things have changed if her new song is anything to go by. Vivian released a song a week ago, 'Nioneshe (Nimechoka na Kugambo)' which is purely gospel.

Now what solidified that she seems to be joining the likes of Kambua, Wahu and Amani, she posted a video of her singing along to the song and captioned,

"Nioneshe #NimechokaNaKugambo is my testimony. We’re already existing in a new normal! Stop letting the world tell you who you are. God made you kama vile tu manufacturer’s wa Toyota ndio wanaeza sort shida yote ya toyota! Only God who made you can shape the you! THIS IS FOR ALL AGE-GROUPS."

And in another post she said,


"Because kuokoka sio kuboeka 🙈..." Vivian shared

Kambua is very happy to have another one join the family of God.

"Vivianne Vivianne Vivianne! How many times have I called you??! I'm so happy to see this! 💛💛💛" Kambua commented

Vivian is married to Sam West who is also deep into Christianity . He preaches and shares a lot when it comes to God. So this was probably bound to happen.