With just a few weeks to finally meeting the love of her life, her daughter, Vera Sidika has made it clear that she has enjoyed her pregnancy journey.

Because of that, she now says she wants more children -hopefully with Brown Mauzo-. More like four more. I know right?

"I will really miss my bump. Looks like I will be making another sooner than I had planned.

I have been enjoying pregnancy so much. For years it was something I never thought could be enjoyable and fun. Ata instead of the 3 I hope for I think I want five kids now." Vera took to social media

The socialite is pretty excited to meet her baby girl so that she can have those cute mother-daughter moments we see on Instagram.

Brown Mauzo wanted a son and so we might just be surprised -like the way Corazon and Frankie surprised us- with a baby bump soon after the birth of her daughter.


Now that Vera is just a few weeks away from giving birth, we hope all the clothes and essentials her baby will need have all arrived from aboard. Remember she told us she will import everything and give her daughter heaven here on earth, Mombasa to be specific.

All the best Vera and Brown. We can't wait to see your baby and experience with her with you via social media.