Muthoni Gitau , Nick Ndeda's ex opened up and said in as much it was none of our business, they did a break up video to avoid people creating narratives.

The now ex-couple announced their parting through a YouTube video something that caught many by surprise. Because from what we could see, it was a happily ever after relationship.

In an interview with Adult Ke, Muthoni shared saying,


"I was in a relationship for 7/8 years and it ended and I decided to share that. The reason I decided to do that is I wanted to share it in my own words. A lot of things happen and a story is written and you have no control over it.

It was me making a choice that is good for me. I live life so unapologetically. I was like it's a part of my life I said I will not do behind my closed doors. I mean the name of the channel is called 'JustDoingLife.' which is a big thing. I can chose to share something and that does not change who I am." She said

The comments just after they dropped the video were too much and most of them were from people who were not happy with Muthoni.

"People were pissed and for me I enjoy that because I am like why is someone pressed about something you know nothing about. People even sent me emails saying I fumbled the bag."

So why did they decide to do the video, both of them seated together?

"We did it together because if I did it alone it would have looked like one person was saying it. He was a part of the channel and he is still my friend. We have remained as friends I mean it was 7 years. When the decision was made it felt like it was the best decision for both of us to go discover our selves separately."