Hate or love her, socialite Huddah Monroe says it as she sees it fit and if you do not like it, that's on you and if you like it, that is also on you.

She has been in Dubai for such a long time we almost forgot she is Kenyan.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Huddah, said a relationship is successful when the partner is kept off social media. Now you know why we have no idea who she is dating but we know ako na mtu.


”Find you a man darling, don’t look for his wallet if you want good se*. Broke ones f**k best…” She told one of her fans

The socialite also continued to advise women to avoid married men who don’t contribute to their success in any way; adding that it’s just a waste of time.

Huddah has a successful cosmetics line and in as much as she is away, business is still running. Does her man support her business? That we do not know but she has constantly told us to always have our own money.


That is why she calls herself 'The Boss Lady'.