Njugush photo used as a meme for #Metngara. KOT's #MetGala edition
Njugush photo used as a meme for #Metngara. KOT's #MetGala edition

The Met Gala - one of fashion's biggest and starriest events - rolled out its red carpet in New York for some of the planet's best-known celebrities.

Well as celebrities and fashion icons made the world stop and stare at their outfits including our very own Lupita Nyong'o, Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) decided to jump on the trend and start their very own fashion gala - dubbed #MetNgara. Yes you read that right.

The KOT version saw them unleash memes featuring popular KOT personalities.

They brilliantly played with the captions to match the Met Gala hype as well as showing great Photoshop skills which brought a much welcome comical relief on a bright Tuesday morning.

Check out some of the best #MetNgara memes that will either leave you on the floor, or answering to your boss on why you are busy laughing at memes instead of wrapping up on your assignments.