Wema Sepetu dropped a heavy bombshell on all of us after saying she loves it when her man gets violent.

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Of course, this comment did not sit well with a lot of people and she was heavily criticized. Especially because her guest Amber Lulu was sharing her horrific experience as a victim of domestic violence.

And Wema is not apologetic for what she said.

A few years ago, Diamond who was Wema's ex was accused of giving her a black eye. She claimed she went through abuse in the relationship but Diamond has never commented on this issue.

Hamisa Mobetto who also dated Diamond Platnumz, had a radio interview recently and she condemned what Wema said.


"I don't like violence. At all, at all. I don't believe in being beaten and I don't believe a woman should be beaten and vise versa. Love should be expressed in a loving way and not violence." Hamisa made it clear.

I know people have some weird fetishes but violence? Never heard of.