She may out there claiming she is 'nyumba ndogo' and she has no bad intentions for her co-wife but it's all about the craft. A babe is single.

Speaking on Wasafi TV where she was hosted by Lil Ommy, the WCB female artiste said that currently, she is single but ready to mingle if she finds someone she likes.

“I’m not dating anybody right now. I’m still single and I’m ready to mingle kwa sababu hili Swahili limenichosha jamani ”

One of her fans in the crowd shouted that she is dating she is just publicly denying it.

Zuchu went ahead to state the kind of man she is ready to mingle with.

"A man we can just vibe and be friends with but I hate a dirty man. I do not want a man whose breath or armpits produce a pungent smell. But when it comes to height and size, I am free because it is how someone was born."

The babe has her sh*t together like what many men say they want so if you have fresh breath and you smell good, Zuchu is ready. Shoot your shot you still have a few months to the end of 2021 if your resolution was to find you a babe this year.