Whenever you hear or see Ringtone anywhere, be sure there is some form of drama about to erupt.

This time round he was a guest at Mr. Seed's album launch that happened yesterday at Pride Inn Westlands and he took to stage and started the show. And no, he was not booked for any drama performance. He was just a guest.

Bahati who had beef with Mr. Seed for a pretty long time quashed their beef, and they are now friends. He was present for this grand event and Ringtone decided to take a jab at him.


"I can't be living in Runda and find a boy who lives in Banana and he wants us to argue. Nimemshinda kiumri kimfuka you know it is very important to respect people. So I am not happy about that,

Mr. Seed the event is yours and my security has sat somewhere here out of respect that we have come to the house of God for a Godly event, yes this is a church. We are not here for war at all.

You will look for me I buy you a goat as my way of apologizing because the event is yours. " Ringtone said

He really wanted to vent, because just after Bahati dropped a gospel song after joining the secular world. Ringtone warned him against confusing us as fans because one day he is a gospel artiste the next he is a secular one.

Si bora muziki ama?