Jalas has heaped praises on King Kaka's wife, Nana Owiti for holding her hubby down when he was ailing.

A few days ago, King Kaka revealed that he has had a terrible three months where he was misdiagnosed and went on to lose 33kgs. He says up to date after various tests, results have been negative.

He wrote;

"Dear Fans, it’s only right that I share this with you. I have been sick for 3 months 8 days now. I was misdiagnosed.

Lost 33kgs and in the process, we started hospital visits, did all the tests and they were Negative funny thing is I feel no pain and we are still hopeful that we will get the solution soon, my waist was 36 now it’s 33.

Ata sina nguo, was consuming only uji and kidogo fruits, started eating food 3 weeks ago pole pole ntazoea and no taste for 2 months.

I have a new respect for God and life , the closest friends that knew Asante for always checking up.

Praising his wife for being there for him, Kaka wrote;

"I miss my kids, my wife @nanaowiti has been a great pillar through the 3 months and my mom. What I need from you is just prayers nothing more.

I was born a winner, I just hope that I am alive for it."

On his wake up call dose this morning, Jalas reminded his listeners that family is all we got and we should always look out for them.

We may have friends and people close to us but at the end of the day only family members will offer us loyalty and love that cannot be matched elsewhere.

"Family will always be home and that is where you belong and those are the people that will always love you unconditionally.   Jalas said.

"If your parents are still alive you really need to make peace with them, make peace with your siblings because at the end of the day those are the people who will always be there for you.

Thank you so much Nana for holding down a brother."

Jalas says we can draw so many lessons from Nana's deeds and urged his listeners to always make sure they have a great relationship with their family members.