When Rotimi's ex, Kim Oprah warned Vanessa Mdee not to get too comfortable with her manz, the world was not happy.

In a TikTok video, Oprah told Mdee not to celebrate yet because she was once there and things did not work out.

"Don’t get too comfortable sweetheart, I was his everything once too."  Kim said.

Kamene and Jalas joined hundreds of other Vanessa Mdee's online in-laws in calling Kim out telling her 'ukiachwa wachika.'

The two cannot understand why she cannot be happy for Rotimi yet Juma Jux was happy for his ex even if things did not work out between them.

"Ukiwachwa wachika and let's bring it home. Vera went ham on Brown Mauzo's ex, almost the same scenario.

Kwani mtu tu ukiambiwa umewachwa huwezi kubali? It never worked with you look for a relationship that will work for you." Jalas blasted Ms. Oprah.

He added that when you see your ex with a new catch 'wewe kuwa ex mtazamaji.'

Kamene says her ex was the jealous part and when she was on dates with her new man he would show up.

"Baby girl, boy child you cannot be that ex, even you mtu akienda move on. Don't rain on their parade." She said.

Adding; You don't have to be happy for them but don't carry the burden.

What kind of an ex are you? The type that kanyagas kubwa kubwa or the one that doesn't want your ex to prosper? Share with us.