Kamene Goro is riding solo on The Morning Kiss and she took us through her weekend and weuh, Saturday was like a movie for her.

If you follow her on Instagram I am sure you saw she was at the Nairobi National park on Saturday where she met fans and potential voters who promised to elect Jalang'o as the next Langata MP.

"On Saturday I was deep n the national park and I have a few questions. Who has been to the Nairobi National park?


Those animals are not looking healthy and I was a bit concerned I have never seen a buffalo looking half its size.

Which reminds me, as I was having dinner by the pool it is outside in the wild. They brought me Turnkey Wellington with some cranberry sauce and then I started hearing something moving behind me in the bushes. In my mind, I am like I am not about to become a horror movie.

I turn and I see nothing and so I call the security guard and I am like there is something moving at the back in the bush behind me and he tells me not to worry."

Then Kamene added they went closer and she did not like what they saw.

"I am like how can I relax and there is something behind me that is about to eat me up. But I decided to go on with my meal then I heard the movement again and I was like no please.

That is how dinner ended for me. We went there and as the guard was lighting that place up, there were like four and a half buffalo's out there and I was like how was I to relax with these guys at the back?

That does not excite me because I was not about to be a horror movie."