Jalas is back with Kamene Goro on The Morning Kiss and on today's show, he is just hitting hard on facts we see every weekend.

Reading a post he said,

"I have something profound for you more so because I work with ladies here. They are saying traditional wife material are gone kabisa. The next part is now the profound part. Now we just have to find her and beg her to stop."

I am sure this next statement will hit home. Using the example of one Judy -who was just minding her own business by the way- he was concerned that Sundays have stopped being church and picnic days but are now drinking days.

"These girls get drunk on Sunday more than Friday and on Monday they are waking up to drink Fanta and Mara Moja to nurse a hangover," Jalas told Kamene

Since hao ndo wako and men still want to get married and start a family, his advice to men was simple to take the ladies as they are.

"Just find a crazy person, wale wako, and tell her I need you to stop and just become a wife. I know your love for weed is too much but now you're a wife, start reducing it pole pole. Start waking up to tea not weed. "

Kamene who was just laughing said,

"So you're basically saying ile bale iko ni mbovu and so if a man wants a wife, take her as she is and reform her.

Yeah. Pole pole tu. Talk to her tu. This bale doesn't want to be shouted at just talk to her and start agreeing. Tell her there is something called cooking and KFC is not cooking." Kamene asked Jalas

Do you agree that there are no more ladies who just chill in the house, cook and clean? Because Kamene says she's one of them but these men want those ladies who turn up 24/7.