Sabina Joy is always trending on Twitter and every time someone talks about their experience there, there is always an interesting turn to it.

If you have not been there just like Kamene, Jalang'o on The Morning Kiss gave us a tour of the place and the experience people get in there.

"You do not know Sabina Joy? Wow. It is a bar and restaurant but not your everyday bar and restaurant. On top of the bar, there are rooms that are definitely not for long term sleeping. It is for very short term sleep.


You know maybe you want an afternoon nap or town is crazy for you or you had lunch and you want to just sleep or you need a break from the office, you nap kidogo."

So why is Sabina Joy such a buzz for the men? Why do men like it there?

"Sabina dates back from the 1970's it is a historical monument. It is right there at archives and let me tell you, inside there is joy. Why you ask?


When you go in and turn to the left, there is too much joy and I have been there more than once. The right turn is your way to the loo but you need to get the key from the reception which means money.

You cannot go there a one because there are ladies lined up and music is played from a jukebox and there is nothing for free at Sabina Joy. And it does not have a door because it never closes because."

What is your experience?