joyce omondi
Photo: Courtesy joyce omondi

Citizen TV's Waihiga Mwaura's wife, Joyce Omondi has made a comeback on social media, three months after losing her darling dad.

Announcing the sad news on her Instagram, Omondi posted a photo of her with the late dad during her wedding describing his death as one that has left an enormous hole in her heart.

Three months later, Omondi is back and super grateful to God for being by her side as she griefs his death.

She says God's hands has held her and refused to let go and has pulled her 'out from the thick darkness of grief.' 

"I’m grateful for how His grace patiently waits for me. I’m grateful that His light illuminates his continuous goodness and faithfulness in my life, and the many reasons to keep trusting Him." Her post read in part.


I’m grateful for His strength that has brought me this far, because I know I would never be able to get here on my own. I’m grateful that there is an eternal hope I can cling to, and that that is where my Daddy is.

I’m grateful that He doesn’t allow pain without purpose and that through it all - then, now and always - He will be glorified.

Omondi thanked her friends and fans for their kind messages and always checking in on her for the last three months.

She says the journey is long and hard but she is learning 'how to bravely face each day at a time, purposing to #choosejoy and declaring that #Godsgotme.✨