Is your man dilly dallying when it comes to the idea of marrying you? Well worry no more! Jalas has a great business idea to pressurize him into marrying you.

Jalas says he will only need one week of dealing with him and after he is done ‘Tetemeshaing’ your relationship, the man will be scared of losing you and will finally resort into marrying you.

If you have a boyfriend who is not showing interests of marrying you talk to us and we will tetemesha the relationship mpaka akuoe.

We will start a company where women will be paying us some good amount and we will just have one week of dealing with him.” Said Jalas.

He says his company will be sending the lady beautiful flowers on her doorstep with a love note.

They will also send someone to compliment the lady while on a date with her man, pick her up with executive rides every morning and to top it off, send the lady Sh50,000 for ‘lunch’

How effective do you think this idea would be especially in the streets of Nairobi?