Ruger in kiss fm studios
Ruger in kiss fm studios

Africa's fast rising star Michael Adebayo popularly known as Ruger is in the 254 and kama kawaida had to make a stop at Kiss FM studios.

Known for his hit single, 'bounce' Ruger says he has enjoyed massive love and support from Kenyans and had to tour the country to show his appreciation

"Right from when I came out I saw the support from this country it was crazy. Right from 'bounce' the love has been amazing and we have been up on the charts and I love these guys and decided to come and show them what I got." Said the 21-year-old.

How did his musical his journey start?

I've always wanted to do this, music has been my passion I started in the choir where I was doing the drum sets and our family has been music oriented.

Narrating about his upbringing, Ruger says he is not from a well off family but he was always determined to get out of the streets and go back to do more.

What inspired the eye patch style?

It is my signature style, I just like it and have decided to roll with it.

What has been the highlight of his career so far?

I went to London in August and I performed at the 02 arena and it was amazing and when I came back to Nigeria my first show was absolutely crazy, the crowd was massive.

He added,

Nigeria once they love you they love you. The competition is healthy and I feel like everyone is hustling for their families so why should I have a problem with you?

Ruger will be performing at Diamond Plaza this Saturday.