The debate on whether women would entertain their men having female 'besties' or whether men would be comfortable with their partners having male 'BFFs' will never wear out.

No one trusts their lovers to have 'bffs' especially if they are from the opposite sex. We are always afraid that the other person's definition of friendship is not always genuine and they have hidden agendas.

Let's not lie, some of these friendships have worked out well with everyone respecting one another but many marriages and relationships have also been ruined by the same arrangements.

We did a poll on Twitter and over 86% of men said they don't believe in such arrangements and would never trust their women who are in such arrangements.

We also did another poll asking ladies whether they have a male friend, someone they confide with other than their boyfriends and 58% of them said they do!

Jalang'o just like many men out here believes there can not be such a thing as a 'bff' who's not waiting for a chance to pounce on your woman.

In fact, one caller advised listeners to never tempt the devil with a cigarette.

"The moment loneliness and cold creeps in, the devil will dive in and smoke the cigarette. Kama ni bff Wacha nikue hapo lakini kama siko Wacha Ikae." He said.