courtesy kajairo

Kajairo is a man whose heart is shattered following the death and burial of his darling mum.

The celebrated comedian's mom, Mrs. Susan Rugaru Mbajo breathed her last on Sunday, 5th September, 2021.

In his latest post, Kajairo says upon seeing his mother's lifeless body, he was still in denial that she was gone forever until the moment he threw dirt onto her casket.

He announced that he will take a social media break so as to 'mourn, reflect and reset.'

"I never believed my mother was gone even at the morgue;I refused to accept even after reaching our rural home;I couldn't fathom she was gone throughout the funeral service & accolades by friends and relatives;But when I threw a handful of fresh earth onto her casket, it finally dawned on me that she's gone, gone forever and that destroyed me, I'll never be the same again." Kajairo's post read in part.

He added,

Thank you all who prayed, sent me comforting messages, those who were there besides me and my family. Those who contributed whatever little or much they had, I'm forever grateful. I'm eternally indebted to you all!Dear fans and friends I'll be off from posting content here for a while to mourn, reflect, I need to reset.God help me, be with my family. I trust & believe that almighty father you'll see me through this.Shalom Mummy, Rest well Mrs Susan Rugaru Mbajo. Till We Meet Again!

Everyone from Kiss sends Kajairo and his family love and comfort.