Time and again Kamene Goro has warned Kiss FM listeners about how nuts, Chito and Cyd Wambui are while on air.

The two look innocent and Cyd's shyness can really deceive you until she goes on air. Madness galore!

Early this month, the drive show duo wowed Kenyans after doing a remix of Nviiri and Sanaipei Tande's 'Baridi' song.

In their defence, Chito and Cyd thought the artists failed to give us a practical song since they didn't capture the cold they were actually singing about.

This time round, the two crazy heads decided that 'Ex' by Nikita Kering was up on the chopping block and they used it to come up with 'egg' (Ex cover).

Explaining the thought behind it, Chito wrote; 

With increasing prices of fuel the price of eggs is going up. To help us cope with this new heart breaking reality we did a musical cover.

Check out the lyrics below;

"I ain’t tryna be your egg! So don’t fry me I beg and don’t boil me OK I am trying to upgrade. I am on my way I am on my way!"

Watch the video below;