Jalas on today's show, The Morning Kiss has warned Kamene and her likes from dating without a purpose.

"Kamene I want to warn you and your gang with this kind of attitude of dating for the sake. It will not be business as usual. Anyone getting into a relationship we want you from now to get into a relationship with a purpose." Jalas said

To which Kamene responded saying,

"What purpose and this guy does not even have a KRA pin. He has no purpose in his life so how can we have purpose in the relationship."

So then why are you dating?

"Do not stress people here we can't be dating for fun . No. Can we date with a purpose. Hatuwezi kua tu."

The truth is, people do not know where they stand in these 'relationships'.

"There are those who are in a relationship and they do not know, kuna wale wanajiingiza and they are not in one and then there are those in a relationship and they have no idea where it is going. 

Guys have made relationships like microphones kazi ni testing testing."

Jalas who has been married for a while said,

"You get into a relationship prepared to get out. That is why it doesn't work.  You get in ready to leave then why are you getting in it."

Kamene asked,

"Things are different in 2021. Relationships are weird , men are weird women are even more weirder. What is this thing called purpose? "