The other day, Nairobi women representative, Esther Passaris excited people when she said that Luo men know how to love.

Passaris said this adding; 'When most Kikuyu women look for romance, they know where to go.'

Kamene says she has dated at least two men from the lake region and they are the epitome of character development.

Sharing her experience, she said;  I feel like the Luo men that I have dated don't really constitute the SI Unit of what a Luo man should be.

Mwingine anajifanya mpishi, they ate my monies, mmoja hakuwa anaoga."

Defending his brothers, Jalas says Kamene might have dated fraudulent people in the name of Luo people.

"There are great Luo men out there treating women very well. Number one Luo man not bathing? We are talking about people who bathe twice a day people who dress properly.

Do not date fraudulent people in the name of Luo people," he said.

Jalas was left with a tough task after one caller echoed Kamene's words as she narrated what she was put through.

"My man was tall dark and handsome lakini alikuwa na vituko! Kushinda akiuliza niko na nani kama anawajua. 

Alikuwa anaficha wallet tukiwa supermarket nisione ako na pesa ngapi. So disgusting." 

However, one caller sided with Jalas and even confessed to having had thoughts of going back to him.

She said; I have dated a Luo man eeh that man, to date if I go back I would go back to him. He smelled nice and had proper English. Even his bedmington, he was the best!

What is your character development story in the hands of a luo man?