With the 2022 general elections fast approaching, the ever recurring question on everyone's mind is; who Should President Uhuru Kenyatta endorse?

Faced with political debts that might shape his succession, some dating back to independence, President Kenyatta will have to pick one to pay and live to see the arrears.

Breaking down the kind of dilemma which president Uhuru Kenyatta is facing, Jalas said the president has promised to support William Ruto, owes the Moi family his endorsement and has also been enjoying Raila's support.

He went ahead to narrate how Mudavadi had it rough back in 2013 when he thought president Kenyatta was going to back him for presidency.

"The four people have been presented to the president and he has a deal with all of them. We just want to make it simple for the president," said Jalas.

Among these people who you promised, people you owe and there are others who gave you a chance when nobody knew you.

With that said, Kamene and Jalas decided to run a poll on who should get president Kenyatta's endorsement and 54% of Kiss FM listeners settled on Ruto.

34% backed Raila Odinga Gideon Moi got roughly over 2% while Musalia Mudavadi was backed by 10% of the over 250 listeners who cast their votes.