Biggie smalls sang; More money more problems and truer words have never been spoken bro!

The more money you make the more problems you get or even inherit and sometimes you even fail to enjoy your hard earned money.

Another thing about money is it will definitely change you and as Jalas loves saying; If money hasn’t changed you then you haven’t made enough of it.

Kamene and Jalas had a very interesting conversation on how money can change someone or rather what you can change if you had more money.

Jalas says money will have you going to a more classy barber shop where you are served with whiskey and enjoy some massage.

He argued that people who use public means of transport are not happy to be there and they always look out of the window admiring the posh cars wishing they had money to buy them.

When asked what would change if they had more money, some listeners vowed to uplift other people’s lives while some believe they will use it to get back at people in their lives.

Below are some of the interesting reactions we received;

Calvoo Wajoy: Hahaha Kamene beshte yangu anasema hapa for real aliachangwa na dem ju ya jamaa wa Mutura na ni yeye alimshow hiyo baze.Anangoja apate izo pesa! Earth is hard.

Titus: Nipate hela, natembea kifuaaa mbeele! Utadhani nimepigwa ngumi ya mgongo!!

Tonney: It will change a lot obviously, most importantly there will be growth, you'll be able to make more moves, yes it's true it'll introduce you to new people but I believe it should mostly uplift the people you hang out with rather than brush them out.

Hilaah: I don't really have alot of money but i have really tried to change people's lives,Nothing makes me more happier than when i see someone I've helped doing well in life.When i'll have more money,it will only change me for the better.

Paul Kart: Money should change your lifestyle towards yourself but not towards other people.