kamene and jalas
kamene and jalas

When you start dating, of course there is always those shy moments when your partner would not go for a long call in your house, you wouldn’t want her to see you all shaggy and under dressed.

Women feel the need to always look classy even during the night to make sure their men don’t see any ‘flaw’ in them. But then when the two of you get used to each other and move in together, things change and freedom comes in.

You start showering together, wigs are saved for a special occasion, the man can defecate in the presence of his woman among other things.

However, Kamene thinks once the two of you start allowing such things in your life, you kill the illusion and love becomes boring.

Jalas says by now, the two of you are free with each other and there is no shame in being you in front of your man.

The two had quite an interesting discussion but Jalang'o founf himself preaching to the choir and conceded defeat.