2022 is just three months away but what lessons has 2021 taught you? For Jalang’o he has learned that sherehe muhimu and one should not postpone enjoyment.

“So sad that life has become so fickle, today you are in tomorrow you are out. Not even tomorrow, today you are in today you are out,” Jalang’o said.


I have never been in so many funeral Whatsapp groups than now, I have never been in so many funeral committees like I am right now.

Jalas says that should be enough motivation to wear that dress, talk to that person, forgive that someone, a special meal you have ever wanted to eat or a place you have always wanted to visit just do it!

He says it would be so sad when people say ‘he never lived’ because no one is coming out of this alive and we always need to do what makes our souls happy.

“Piga sherehe ukiweza, have fun. If you can enjoy it enjoy it now!” He added.

If you needed a reason to start living, this is it!