Celebrated actress and radio personality Jackline Nyaminde also known as Wilbroda has opened up about her failed relationship and her relationship with her baby daddy.

Speaking to Buzz central's Miss Boyo, the mother of one says she was quick to leave her man the moment she noticed he had changed.

Her man would raise his voice at her and would also easily get agitated and that was when she started planning how to leave the relationship.

"I can’t say I ignored any signs or red alerts (from her relationship) because to me happiness and peace of mind is something I value because no one has been to heaven and came back to tell us how good It is.

So you make your heaven and hell right here so you got to make your little space your little heaven right here,"said Wilbroda.

She however admits she played a part in their breakup and the fact that the two are not best of friends, it has made co-parenting a bit challenging.

“Sometimes you throw everything and say you know what? I will never call you again I will do it alone and if you want, catch me if you can.”

She added,

I think also one of the things that I ignored that also contributed to our breakup was nilikuwa na ma relatives wengi kwangu all the time.

I didn’t see a big deal with that until after we broke up and he mentioned it to a friend and this friend mentioned it to me and I was like; ‘I didn’t see that,’”

Watch the full interview below as she talks more about her relatives and why she doesn't plan to have more kids.