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istock images black couple arguing free photo

If you can survive a heartbreak from a Kenyan woman then I am pretty sure you can survive the harshest of environments across the world.

Kenyan women will sooth your ego, make you feel like you are on top of the world before dumping you the next minute - shamelessly.

Some are willing to be with you, live with you yet their minds have already been made up on moving on from you.

Kamene and Jalas decided to look at signs that you have been dumped by someone you think you are dating, bila hata notifications.

Kamene says when she blueticks you, that is a clear sign that yo need to start working on your pick up lines or dust off the old ones.

She says when a woman starts posting subliminal messages such as 'There are great men out here' just know her heart is with another man somewhere.

Another sign to look out for is when a chic cuts her hair. Kamene says most of the time it signifies change and you as a man could be what she has changed.

When Jalas asked why women would go through all that trouble instead of saying they don't want to be in a relationship, Kamene says men wakiwachwa hawawachiki.