Natalie Githinji is known for her jokes via social media but this time she shared something very sad.

In case you have not been watching the news, gynecologist James Muriithi Gakara, from Nakuru allegedly killed his two children, attempted suicide but did not succeed.

Well, according to Natalie, he was her doctor for more than a year.


In an Instagram post, she said that the doctor was a joyful medic and would never have imagined he would try to commit suicide.

“This guy has been treating me for like two years and he took me through the journey of endometriosis. He is the only doctor who diagnosed my condition when all others were just prescribing drugs. This guy used to advise me yet maybe he was going through things in his family.

He was very popular and always had a line of people waiting for a consultation. Sometimes there are people encouraging you yet they have given up on themselves but see a purpose in you.”  Natalie shared

The media personality is planning on visiting the doctor in the hospital and hope police officers will grant her access.