Akothee has severally mentioned that her kindness is taken for granted every so often and that makes her mad.

We have occasionally seen her help strangers but even those close to her, get the best of her but she always ends up getting hurt.

"Why does it hurt so much when DISSAPOINTMENT comes from the last person you expected Why am I always the one on the receiving end? Why?"  Akothee shared

Then she posted a lesson to her fans saying it is very important to always believe what you see from people. And when people hurt her, she forgives but does not forget and that is why she will not have them back in her life.

"When people show you who they are the first time 🤔 believe them. Please don't try to come back into my life after you left. Stop sending people and messages to allow you back, you guys had a common enemy which was me, now all of a sudden, you all want to come back as if nothing happened, shame on you PUNDA. You were my employees not my friends, the fact that I upgraded you, travelled the world with you, didn't mean I was stupid 🤔I am actually worse than the ESTHER you betrayed. Kaeni huko kwa FENCE. The fact that we shared a meal on tables doesn't upgrade you to my friend,our relationship is based on work and salary, once that' Is pulled out , forget me, please. If you thought I was valuable to you,then you would have behaved yourself.I FORGAVE ALL OF YOU. But will NEVER FORGET 🙏🏻LEAVE ME ALONE 🤷"