Nana Owiti and King Kaka have been together for many years they even have children together but they have never had a wedding.

And that is exactly how Nana wants it because 'come we stay' has worked for the them.

Speaking during a Chat Spot segment, Nana says,

"I would never want a wedding nor a ruracio. Ruracio for me is tricky because my parents aren't there. I do not want to drain myself.

I am doing it (come we stay) did I die?" She said

She added, 

"Compromise is a very big attribute when you are cohabiting. Try living with someone is when you will learn that patience is a virtue.

It's never a conversation we have, I never ask 'ati tunaenda kwa AG lini?' This works for us it's not a big deal."

Nana says she feels she and her man, King Kaka, have overcome the biggest hurdle that couples go through in marriage.

But really all those years, they are practically married.