Before Huddah became a socialite, the babe had tried her luck in the music world as a vixen in Profesa Eshuiyaโ€™s music video 'Ukweli.โ€™

Today she is living her best life in Dubai and because of all the free time she has, she has been thinking of exploring more to her cosmetics business.

Taking to her Instagram stories yesterday, she told us she thinks there are not so many amazing female artistes and so she might just want to hop into that life and be the best.


โ€Thinking of getting into music! Lol! I donโ€™t see any bad ass female artists in Africa! Apart from like 5 I love.โ€ Huddah posted

Well, her fellow socialite, Vera Sidika also tried it and just one song later, she went back to being a vixen. Will Huddah manage to maintain that side of business? 

We know she is a good business lady so maybe, just maybe.