Muthoni Gitau, Nick Ndeda's ex is still maintaining her stand when it comes to children. Yup, she still does not want them.

Speaking during an interview with Lynn Ngugi, Muthoni shared,

 "I do not understand why people feel I need to understand. I do not want kids. I find it intriguing how people take it emotionally.


The same way I do not want to. It's a choice I made for myself and it has nothing to do with anyone. I have never wanted kids, even as a kid that part of kids never cropped up. I see myself getting a partner and exploring places.

As a woman you are expected to have kids and there is a number people assume is the okay number, it's never enough."

Muthoni added that she does not even want to adopt, adding that people should allow women to make some of these decisions.

The YouTuber says she will only be a parent to her cat, Ginger.

"I do not want to give birth it starts there, even for adoption, No. I do not even want to be a stepmom. The only mom I am willing to be is a cat mom.

If you think a woman having autonomy over their own body is a white man ideology, what does that say about you and the women in your life? How do you treat the women around you?

I know what I want, I will never regret this decision. I tell someone on the first date that I never want kids, I have to let them know it's a no go zone.

I would not want to be with someone who thinks they can change my mind."

So those men in her DM, be aware this who is she is and things will not change.