Joyce Maina who was considered as couple of goals with ex Tony Kwalanda has revealed that after a breakup, you need time to heal.

She revealed that she took eight months off dating to heal from her past relationships. 

"Personally as someone who has jumped from relationship to relationship, from the age of 26 to 30, you need to take your time. These past seven to eight months, before I started entertaining conversations, I have been the happiest I have ever been. Everyone around me has noticed, they are like you are glowing and you are so happy. It's because I took time to heal from those relationships." The TV host said.

Maina explained that she was moving back to back in relationships, trying to replace her first fling feeling with the next one. One thing Joyce has said is that she will not post a thing if she gets into a relationship because Kenyans will find out who it is.

"Some of the guys in those would judge me, let me not even tell you. I fear Kenyans, they will find out who he is. I am not even going to post a shoe because they will find out who's shoe it belongs to." she said. 

Remember this is exactly what happened to her. It was connecting one picture to another and boom, we found out the man she is dating. Little after that time, we saw Tony ask for her hand in marriage.

It did not last long before they ended things but we hope they will find love elsewhere.