When we say Burna Boy is the greatest of his time, then best believe it because manz' living his dream.

Just recently, he took us around his mansion courtesy Architectural Digest (AD). Yeah, the guys who take us inside these huge celebrities' houses.

Burna's made it guys.

According to Architectural Digest (AD) the singer wanted a swimming pool that 'started inside the building and then drained outside.'

The 'Twice As Tall' maker says his mansion is where he makes his art and even where his Grammy Award Winning album was born.

“This is. . . where I can create. This is where I made my Grammy album.” He told AD.

This home is described as a serene 13,000-square-foot oasis that has a private cinema, lounges, a game room, garage space, a recording studio, gym, and bedrooms for guest artists.

“I’ve got a lot of Rivers stuff, water sounds. [It’s] just really water-inspired. It’s peaceful. Nature speaks to me.” The singer went on to tell AD.

Check out the 10-bedroom mansion on AD below. Africa to the world.