Kendrick Mulamwah played his role as the father of his child and a husband to Carol Sonnie when she went into labor.

Taking to social media he answered his fan who asked how the labor experience was for him. He shared had to rub her back for almost 9 hours after her labor pains kicked in last week.

“Haikuwa rahisi for both me and her. Nilisugua mgongo karibu 9 hours nonstop. Nikiacha tuu kidogo napigwa na maneno mbaya sana. Men help your ladies, sio rahisi” He replied

Another fan asked for his advice about planning to have a baby and its costs. He answered,

"Bora you got what it takes to raise a kid. Sio mchezo kulea ata ball pekee. Bills everywhere.”

Mulamwah and his bae Sonnie welcomed their daughter Keilah 5 days ago and they both took to social media to make the official announcement.

We wish them all the best in this new journey of their life together.